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Remembrance Presentation
  • Twenty, fifty, or one hundred years from now how do you think the events of September 11th, 2001 will be understood as part of the larger context of United States history? What about world history? In your opinion, what other events had a similar impact on U.S. or world history?
  • How would you explain 9/11 today to someone who was born on September 12, 2001?
  • Sally Regenhard laments “the four words no mother should ever hear” when she asks about her son: “I want to know where my son is,” she says. The official responds “He is unaccounted for.” She then reflects “That is something that happens in a war…”

    How would you react to being told that someone you loved was “unaccounted for”? Why might it matter to a person's relatives that the person's body be accounted for?

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The September 11th Education Trust—founded in September 2001 as the WTC United Family Group—is a nonprofit organization directed by 9/11 victims’ families, survivors, rescue workers and educators nationwide.

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